Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wallpaper Ferrari F355 HD

F355: Produced in 1994-1999, became the successor F360 F355. The machine that carried 3500 cc DOHC V8 engine combined with a 6 speed gearbox technology that makes Formula 1 car is the best car at the time. There are 3 types provided by the F355 Spider, F355 and F355 GTS Challenge.

Production : 1994–1999

Successor : Ferrari 360

Class : Sports car

Body style : Berlinetta ,Targa top ,Spider

Engine : 3.5 L 5V DOHC Tipo F129B & Tipo F129C V8

Designer(s) : Pininfarina

Ferrari F355

wallpaper ferrari f355 hd

wallpaper ferrari f355 hd

wallpaper ferrari f355 hd

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