Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wallpaper Ferrari F40

wallpaper ferrari f40

wallpaper ferrari f40

wallpaper ferrari f40

F40: This car was manufactured from 1987-1992. Ferrari making it the fastest and most powerful cars at that time. Imagine this car became the fastest legal cars are allowed on the streets.

Ferrari F40

Production 1987–1992 (1,315 produced)

Successor : Ferrari F50

Class : Sports car

Body style : Berlinetta (2-door coupé)

Engine : 2,936 cc (2.9 L) twin-turbocharged Tipo F120A V8 478 PS (352 kW; 471 hp), rear, longitudinal, 90°[1]

Transmission : 5-speed manual

Designer(s) Pininfarina (Leonardo Fioravanti).

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